Are you a fan of the king of snapchat?, do you follow DJ kHALLED on instagram? Do you follow him on Facebook? Do you get your major keys from you his twitter? Do you have the we the best music collection?

Like me you would like to have more items endorsed by Dj khaled? We have selected some of the top most requested items by the fan luv around the world.

Dj Khaled has endorsed several products over his lengthy career. But you would like something you can relate to, be proud to carry around? As you know form the king of snapchat himself-One of the major key is always to stay fresh.

To begin our recommended products list, we thought the best way to start is with the headphones. DJ Khaled is known for his music and what best way to listen to his records than with his headphone collections to get the intended sound.


Throughout DJ khaled career he made deals with two headphones companies B&O and Beats. Both are providing amazing sound quality.

The B&O headphones collection come in 4 amazing color both for men and women. See the collection right here.



The Beats by Dre unity on the other hand aim at promoting unity around the world.
DJ Khaled being a positive person and a promoter of positivity wanted through these headphones to push further the unity agenda on the young world.

The beat by dre unity headphone is stylish and comes in blue and red color symbolising peace and unity and many other vibrant colors. You can a pair right here


After the selection of DJ khaled headphones, it is only understandable that we look at some of the DJ Khaled items to make you look fresh and cool.

They don’t want you to stay fresh and cool with the DJ khaled merchandise collection, so we made sure you stay fresh, cool and different with our selection of DJ Khaled hoodies and Tshirts.

DJ Khaled has some of the most fly & expressive hoodies and T-shirts in the game. They set you apart from your peers and speak louder of your freshness. Check out our selection here


To end our selection it was unconceivable to leave you bear foot knowing that DJ khaled is one of the top shoe connaissor in the game. We didn’t pick the mountain top collection (coming soon) in this selection but we made sure your feet’s stay fly and expressive. We have selected some of the most expressive slide in the DJ Khaled merchandise collection for you here.



Now that you are fly from head toe with our top selections, you might want to check the smooth coco butter for a fresh skin and the repellant of “they”. Don’t miss to update your “we the best music” music catalogue/playlist collection for your up to date sound we the best sound.

I also know among the fan luv world we have some of the Ciroc lovers. Well we have not forget you. You can get that wonderful Ciroc mango here. As for my champagne drinkers grab that smooth Belaire gold over here. For our flowers lovers make sure to check our post on the Dj Khaled garden flowers.


One last thing – be fly, be fresh and drink responsibly.