Who’s Dj Khaled Wife – Nicole tuck?

.Dj Khaled had few relationships in his life. The most asked questions are: Who’s Dj Khaled wife? What’s Dj Khaled nationality? Who are Dj Khaled Kids?

DJ Khaled Origin

Born on november 26, 1975 to Palestinian parents, Dj Khaled(Birth name: Khaled mohamed Khaled) grew up in Miami. His love for music came from his parents, who were musicians and played Arabic music.

Today Dj khaled is 42 years old. He have done a lot in his life. From becoming the king of snapchat, to producing major anthems like “All i do is win”, “I’m on one” , etc. He has collaborated with major artists like Jay z, Nas, Rick Ross to name few.

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