Drake’s mom Sandi Graham Age, Relationships, & Marriage

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As a single mom, Sandi experienced financial difficulties. This forced Drake at a young age to look after his mom and become a man. Drake appeared in couple of Tv Series before becoming  the well know star of today.

Drake considers his mom as his rockstar and best friend. He wrote several songs for her as a thank you for all her sacrifices. Drake considered himself a mama’s boy. This comes from being raised by a single mom. Drake said several times that he wouldn’t be as successful as he is without his month.

Drake and His Mother Sandi Graham - Drake's mom
Drake’s mom & Drake

Drake lifestyle is predominantly influenced by his father American side. He carries also  a deep Jewish influence taken from Sandi his mother.  Drake’s mom has always been supportive of Drake. Their hardships brought then closer than ever.

Drake's mom Sandi Graham & Drake -djkhaledquotes.com
Drake’s mom & Drake

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Drake’s mom lives in Canada while Drake moved to America where he is now officially based.


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