Drake’s mom Sandi Graham Age, Relationships, & Marriage

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Dennis Graham and Sandi Graham

Who’s Sandi Graham, Drake’s Mom?

Drake’s mom, Sandi Graham, was born on January 28, 1960.  She is currently 57-years-old.  Her childhood name was Sandi Sher.  After marrying Dennis Graham, Drake’s Dad she became Mrs Graham well known today as Sandy Graham.

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At the age of 26 years old, Sandi Graham gave birth to Aubrey Graham well know today as Drake. Some might say Sandi gave birth at a very young age. However that was common back then.

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Drake’s mom is of Jewish origin . She is a white Jewish Canadian. Sandi Graham worked as a teacher and a florist. She divorced Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham when Drake was only 5-years-old and took full custody of Aubrey Graham since his father was on drugs.

Drake grew up in a single household with his mom. He stayed with his mom Sandi Graham after the divorce but later moved to America to pursue his music career. Drake was raised by his mom.  As a teacher, Sandi Graham influenced Drake to go school where he later graduated.

Sandi still goes by her married name – Sandi Graham. Drake’s mom never remarried. According to gossip sources, she is currently dating  someone.