Who is Sandi Graham, Drake’s mom?

While Dj Khaled managed to get Drake ‘s location and Drake vocals to make the Grateful album one step closer to finishing. The internet on other hand is focusing on who is Drake’s mom? This curiosity arises at the height of his beef with XXXtentacion. XXXtentacion sent a tweet including Drake’s Mom, sparking interest around Aubrey Graham mother. Who are Drake parents?  Who is Drake’s mom in particular? And where is she from?

Who are Drake’s Parents?

Drake is no stranger to many people. The Canadian born rapper is one of the most talked rapper of our time. He was born on October 24 1986 in Toronto where he grew up with his mother. Drake comes from a mixed family. His father is an African American and his mother is Jewish. Drake parents’ names are Dennis Graham and Sandi Graham.

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Who’s Sandi Graham, Drake’s Mom?

Drake’s mom, Sandi Graham, was born on January 28, 1960.  She is currently 57-years-old.  Her childhood name was Sandi Sher.  When she married Drake’s father, Dennis graham she became Sandy Graham. Sandi gave birth to Drake at age 26 years.

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Drake’s mom is a white Jewish Canadian. She worked as a teacher and a florist. She divorced Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham when Drake was only 5-years-old.

Drake dad is African American from Memphis. He worked as drummer.  After the divorce he moved back to Menphis for financial reasons and later went to prison for few years.

Drake stayed with his mom Sandi Graham after the divorce. Drake’s mom raise Aubrey Graham, well known today as Drake as a single mom in Toronto. It is fair to say she did a good job. As a teacher, she influenced Drake to go school where he later graduated.

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When Sandi began experiencing financial difficulties, Drake became a man and worked hard to become a star.

Drake considers his mom as his rockstar. He wrote several songs for her. Drake considered himself a mama’s boy. The Jewish influence comes from Sandi side and the love for music from Dennis side.

Sandi always supported Drake and their hardships brought both closer than ever. Drake considers his mother as his best friend.

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Sandi Graham still keeps her last name because since her divorce she never remarried again. She has a new friend.

With her son being a pop star, Drake’s mom knows that many cameras are looking at her.

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