Dj Khaled is one of the hardest Dj in the game and the most loved on snapchat. Since his entry into the snapchat world, Dj KHALED has been showing another side of his personality unknown to fans. He has been giving to fans major keys for success in other words iconic DJ Khaled quotes phrases used around the word today.

The Dj Khaled quotes are used today by many in general conversations to express a way of life. If you follow Dj khaled on snapchat or Instagran, you will know that he embodies peace, love and unity.

DJ Khaled quotes are unique and particular to DJ Khaled. In our article 3 lessons learned from Dj Khaled , we break some of his three memorable quotes and the lessons behind them.

Here we have chosen  our favorite  top ten  DJ KHALED quotes and the most memorable:

“Always have faith. Always have hope.”

Our first pick is “Always have faith. Always have hope.” – This quote is true to DJ Khaled story and career. In his journey to success, DJ khaled recall all the major hurdles he had to face. It is through fate and hope that the king of snapchat overcame of those challenges.

“Congratulations, you played yourself.”

The second pick is a classic line -” Congratulations, you played yourself.” – The message here is to remain grounded and not make a fool of your self.

Dj Khaled quotes -

“You want my advice? Don’t play yourself.”

This third pick can be consider as the cousin of the second pick. “You want my advice? Don’t play yourself.” – the advice is clearly not to make a full of herself.

“The key is to make it.”

4. The fourth pick is “The key is to make it.” making it means, achieving your goals and not giving up no matter the challenges or circumstance. This Dj khaled saying embodies hard word and determination.

“Another one”.

5. “Another one.” has become one of the most use Dj Khaled quote around the globe. It appears in some many commercials. However there is only one man who knows how to say it the right way and that is Dj Khaled.


“Key to more success is clean heart and clean face.”

Our sixth quote is “Key to more success is clean heart and clean face.” This quote express honesty, and integrity.

“Smh they get mad when u have joy.”

the 7th  message quote is “Smh they get mad when u have joy.”- Dj Khaled long standing quote is stay away from “they”. “They” represent  fake friends,  liars, and dishonest people. This means that the best revenge in life is mass of success. Your joy is the pain to your enemies.

“Baby, you smart. I want you to film me taking a shower.”

The 8th is dedicated to“Baby, you smart. I want you to film me taking a shower.” This quote reminds us to treat our women right. It display affection, communication and love for our dear friends, wives, girlfriends, etc.

“You smart! You loyal! You’re a genius!”

The 9th  is “You smart! You loyal! You’re a genius!”This quote is very clear. it is a self empowerment quote and the message is: as you empower yourself, you should make sure to empower others.

“I changed… a lot.”

Our Final pick is “I changed… a lot.” This is the title of DJ Khaled 8th studio album. The message is that we should embarrassed change and not run away from it.



Our top ten DJ Khaled quotes are top phrases you can use in your daily live to express something or empower your self or someone. Many have mentioned how since following the king of snapchat, their lives have changed and their lives are more empowering and meaningful.


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