Nicole Tuck, Asahd Khaled and Dj Khaled in the Bahamas on Vacation.

Dj Khaled and Nicole Tuck are on vacation in the Bahamas. Dj Khaled took some days off from his hectic schedule to bring fiancée Nicole and son Asahd to the Bahamas to relax, and enjoy before heading back to start the shoot of “the four “season 2.


Dj khaled shared on instagram some clippings of the fun time they are having in the Bahamas. While Nicole is bicking with son Asahd, The “ wild thoughts “ producer is swimming and exercising with the help of physique total fitness and weight watchers.

The king of snapchat is working on getting rid of some weight while working on his boxing game but wife Nicole Tuck is not impressed about Khaled skills and motivational speeches.  When ask about it, Fiancee Nicole Tuck said: “Khaled, shut the fuck up. I ain’t like you. I don’t need to have you in the background talking shit, tell me to workout. I can work out without you talking.”

The snapchat king bought Asahd a new rolex watch costing up to 35k in the Bahamas.

Asahd Khaled reached another milestone while on vacation.  The youngest executive producer  announced to the world that he was stopping wearing diapers. Asahd  is becoming a young toddler. He will now be wearing panties instead of diapers.

Mommy I’m ready to go to the beach now lol 🏖🦁🏝

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While on vacation “the we best” Ceo  joined signed we the best artist mavado on stage for an epic carnaval concert in the Bahamas.

Dj Khaled Contreversial Breakfast club comment about Oral sex.

In the midst of his holiday retreat, twitter is blowing up on a Dj Khaled 2015 interview comment about oral sex. In 2015 during an interview with the breakfast club, Dj Khaled was asked if he performs oral sex with his wife Nicole. His response has the everybody on twitter talking.

Dj Khaled has not yet responded to the controversy nor have Nicole Tuck made any comments. Some  people on twitter are saying the video release is  a stunt publicity for the release of the Dj Khaled upcoming album “Father of Asahd”.

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