Nicky Minaj is one of the top female artist in the rap game. Her position is pretty much uncontested. Nicky Minaj is acclaim by all her female counterparts and male rap artists as being one of the dopest female MC.


But beyond her talent for rap and excellent music, she is might also be viewed as one of the most underdressed artist in the game. Most of Nicky Minaj videos and pictures are mostly very explicit and revealing. Some might say Nicki Minaj consider it as totally nude.

Nicky Minaj is not the first artist to be so revealing. Lil Kim was also very explicit in her songs. Lil kim also exuded body parts in her videos. Nicky Minaj is often compared to Lil Kim. Some consider Nicky as the modern version of Lil Kim.

Although both artists are not in good terms, they are viewed as very similar.


From her music videos to red carpet events, Nicky Minaj is not afraid to display her God given body. Nicky had some major work done on her body. For instance her pretty looking behind is as most call it fake. Remy Ma in her diss pointed it out once again.

You can see some of the 2017 Nicky Minaj pictures on her Instagram.


Bodysuit: Agent provocateur Leather bra: Alexander Mcqueen Shoes: Osmose #QueenInEngland

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The #SwallaVideo is finally here!!! 😝 β˜˜οΈπŸŽ€

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It would be fair to say that Nicky is a provocative lady!

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