How to stay Healthy By Dj KHALED

“They don’t want you to..”

If you are a fan of the snapchat king Dj Khaled, you surely know all his catch phrases: cloth talk, “icon alert“, “they” and many much more. But the morning routines begin always with a special catch phrase. The one used by the mogul producer every morning at the exit of his home elevator. The catch phrase repeated every morning in his we the best flipflop collections. The special catch phraseChef Dee what up!!”, greetings to his personal chef: Chef Dee Hodges before presenting to his fans(me included) the energetic healthy breakfast prepared by the talented, beautiful and creative chef Dee.


Chef Dee Hodges is the personal chef of the snapchat superstar, and hits producer. She is the one making sure they don’t stop Dj khaled from eating healthy. Because “they” don’t want Dj khaled to be healthy.


Chef Dee always starts early in the morning and prepares one of DJ Khaled morning favorite ” Egg whites” mixed sometimes with turkey bacon or chicken sausage or some French toast or some gluten-free pancakes or some gluten-free toast. Dj Khaled loves Egg whites and of course water(Major Key). The menu is always Chef Dee inspiration. She has the total freedom to create healthy and delicious meals for Dj Khaled.

Dj Khaled Meals

She says she is not a nutritionist, but more of a creator. After the morning meal, Hodges usually dives into cook books, network shows, to get inspirations for the dinner and lunch meal. She must keep the high appetite of mogul and his friends at ease. Hodges always cook five to six different meals along with vegetables and nice decoration.

Dj Khaled meals
Dj Khaled meals

With his snapchat, the mogul always gives us fans a sneak peek ,of what they don’t want him to eat. Chef Dee ensures that the plates are healthy, gluten free, and cooked in the oven.

Chef Dee says one of Dj Khaled guilty pleasure is the oven-fried chicken. It’s gluten-free with gluten-free breadcrumbs. In addition to the meals they don’t want the mogul to eat you have also the series of sport activities the mogul engages in- such as: the elliptical talk, running, etc.

Dj khaled is known as a fat sex symbol. The key to that is taking care of your body and eating healthy.


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