As most of you are aware of, Dj Khaled lovely fiancee Nicole Tuck is awaiting a baby boy. The king of snapchat took on his snapchat to show his excitement about the arrival of his son.
In the same vein he is also excited about his highly anticipated 9th studio album major key to be release july 29th but the album can be preorder right now on itunes. The album includes the collaboration major Mc like Drake, Jay z, Future, Rick ross, Kendrick Lamar, and many more.

Dj khaled announced the sex of the baby during his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show along with the cover of his album major key. However he hasn’t suggested a name for the baby so far.




So We wanted to help the king of snapchat find a name worthy of his status of king. We want to suggest a name that resonates like baby blu from jay z and beyonce or saint west from kim and kanye west..
To do so, it was important, to understand the power couple: who is dj khaled, and nicole tuck ? and what does the power couple represent.?

Who’s Dj Khaled and Nicole?

To understand who is Dj khaled and Nicole Tuck read my previous article who is Dj khaled wife? In the article we explain who is Nicole.

What does the power couple represent?

The couple represents love, peace sharing, caring and most importantly faith. This can be seen in the series of actions undertaken by Dj Khaled in the last 10 years. He has always been vocal, and direct about being peaceful whether in the rap game or around him. With the help of a powerful woman beside him, Dj Khaled is today arguably the best summer song producer of the last 10 years.

We went on the search for names that incorporate all those characteristics of love, peace, sharing, caring, loyal and faith and we came with the list below:

Here are 5 top boys name:

Prince: Dj Khaled being the king, it is only normal that son comes out as the prince. The name is symbolic and reflects well the image DJ Khaled is creating for himself.

Miami: It is not a secret that Dj Khaled is a die hardcore fan of Miami. It would be only normal for him to salute the city by name his first son Miami like the game did with Harlem.

Caden: It is another prolific name. It stands for friend, companion. Caden also means the spirit of battle. It would only be right for DJ Khaled to give his son this name. With the world changing at a very rapid pace, his son would a need the spirit of the battle to survive

Ezra: It is a biblical name. With DJ Khaled strong on faith, it is only right to suggest a name out of the holy book. Ezra is a leadership name that stands for being strong, righteous, courageous.

Leave your 5 suggestions in the comment box below.