DJ Khaled best known as the king of snapchat , the best hit producer, arguably the best sneaker collector( with more than 1000 pairs of sneakers), a renown businessman and much more. Dj Khaled went from Dj, to hit producer and collaborating with the best artists in the hip hop & rnb arena from Jay z, Rick ross, Chris brown just to name a few, then to business man-collaborating with a headphone company to come out with the best line of headphone in the market.

Now Dj Khaled has stepped up, making major deals, with major productions companies. As said by Dj Khaled himself” he worked 30 years for this moment“. He remembered how many times people told him no but it has finally happened. He is current part of one of the biggest movie projects. Also he is talk with paramount productions for the next movie.


Dj Khaled at Paramount.

Movie Alert!!

Snapchat king is currently on the set of a major movie with the only Larry Jackson. The movie is currently a top secret mission but fan are eager and awaiting the big moment. Dj Khaled represents to his fasn hope, achievement, big dreams. Well with this major step, the hit maker is reiterating his famous quote “stay away from they”.

We will keep you posted on the title soon as well as the release date. Here are some pictures of the set.

Dj Khaled with Larry Jackson