Dj khaled is back at it again with a new deal alert. After dropping his 9th studio album title major key, which is currently charting number one of itunes, the king of snapchat is back with a new headphone deal alert. This is Dj Khaled second headphone deal.

The first headphone deal was with B&O play headphones. Dj Khaled teamed up with B&O to bring the classic BEO play H6 by Dj Khaled headphones. The BEO play headphones are more popular and successful among radio DJ. The headphone was well received and endorsed by major radio host such as Rosenberg, Ebro, Big Boi and many more. One of the particularities of the BO headphones is the new innovative noise cancellation system. This ensures that the song keeps it’s originality and intend sound as intended for the studio and the artist.

The DJ khaled B&O headphones come in 3 variants and retail on amazon for just $399.


Now DJ khaled is teaming up with apple for a new Beats by Dre headphone deal. This comes as his second deal with Apple following his Apple radio deal. Dj khaled is joining here the exotic list of artists with Beats by Dre headphones deals.
The Dj Khaled headphone is called Beats by Dre unity named after his purpose of bringing unity wherever he goes.
This headphone is aimed at Dj Khaled large fan base. Unlike the B&O headphones, the Beats by Dre unity by Dj Khaled is expected to retail at an affordable price point of $199.

The unity headphones are dropping on August 2, 2016, and fans are already lining up to get a pair. The sound quality is expected to be the same as the other beats by Dre headphones.


If you are a fan go support Dj Khaled and get a pair of the Dj Khaled Beats by Dre unity. With the world going chaotic, unity is what we need to move forward and support one another. Be part of the solution and promote unity!!

You should also get the major key album

Leave also you comment below in support of unity.

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