DJ KHALED NET WORTH – How DJ Khaled Builded his Net worth?

Dj Khaled Net Worth 2017: DJ Khaled is an American record producer, radio personality, rapper, DJ and record label executive.  He was born Khaled bin Abdul Khaled on November 26, 1975, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since 2006, Dj Khaled released 10 studio album, many of which charted on number one on US billboard 200.  Khaled’s parents are from Palestine, and he was brought up as a devout Muslin. Both of his parents were musicians, and they strongly supported their song when he showed an interest in rap music at a young age.

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Prior to becoming the king of snapchat, Dj Khaled began his career as a successful rapper and producer. In 2009 that DJ Khaled took on his position as president of Def Jam South record label, and shortly after founded the  We the Best Music Group. Today he is one of the most sought-after producers in hip-hop and a very popular social media personality.


DJ Khaled to date has worked with all major artists in the music industry including  Jay-Z , Rick Ross, Drake; Nicky Minaj, just to name a few.

In 2016, Dj Khaled net worth was estimated at $10 million according to media outlets. How much is DJ Khaled net worth in 2017?  How rich is DJ Khaled? What is it DJ Khaled’s net worth?

DJ KHALED NET WORTH: How did he make his money and wealth?

In a Forbes article, Net worth is calculated as the result of subtracting your liabilities (student debt, credit card debt, a mortgage, etc) from your assets (cash, investments, a house). In other words, net worth shows an overview of your financial health.
A negative number indicates that you have more liabilities than Assets. A positive number indicates that your financial health is on the right track.

Dj Khaled has several sources of incomes.  His wealth was built predominately  from  his music recordings, tours and major endorsements. Dj Khaled is on his track to joining  the ranks of the world’s richest rappers. Dj Khaled net worth in 2017 is estimated at  $20 million . This is $10 millions more than in 2016.

Dj Khaled net worth 2017

In his last album title rather you than me, Rick Ross discussed how Dj Khaled almost lost all all his fortune with his association to the Cash Money Ceo Birdman.

DJ Khaled remains one of the most sought-after producers in hip hop, working with some of the industry’s biggest names. In 2016, he released his ninth studio album, “Major Key,” featuring a roster of superstars. In 2017 he released his 10 the album titled Grateful.  It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts.  Khaled has become a well-known personality in social media and has a huge following on Snapchat.
He managed to monetize this presence by signing a deal with Apple Inc.’s Beat Electronics, Ciroc which pays him to use and endorse its products on Snapchat.
In November 2016, he published a book, “The Keys,” which details his methods for success. Dj Khaled released also in 2017 a collaboration with team Jordan for the release on the Grateful 3’s Jordan.
DJ Khaled also own several restaurants in Miami – Finga licking. He has also a range of Dj Khaled Merchandise.
The future looks bright for DJ Khaled.


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