Dj khaled after toping the charts with the first single “for free” featuring Drake from the upcoming major key album, the king of snapchat just released the second single titled “i got the keys” featuring future and Jay z.

This is another great collaboration between jay z and Khaled. This collaboration marks the first new song of DJ Khaled after signing with Roc nation and being managed by Jay Z. We can expect more collaboration between jay z and Khaled in the future. We have seen already how this collaboration has extended beyond music to business deals such as the Dusse cognac deal.

Now the single “i got keys”- the questions is khaled got which keys? Well, we believe the keys to success. The song is a great song with Jay z dropping some sick bars. Jay Z is leaving us again with a great performance and rap bars like only Hov can delivered. The highlight of the song is from the Jay Z line-“How can you be still a slave in 2016”.

That line is something we should all reflect on.

This song is expected to top the charts. Dj khaled just made another one. The video will be coming soon. The video is expected to have all the major Mcs in the game. The king of snapchat gave us already some sneak peek of the video.

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