Dj Khaled biggest phobia is unbelievable and you can’t imagine what it is?. As humans, we all have phobias.  Some have snakes phobia and other height phobia.

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, fear and dislike.  It is defined by a persistent fear of an object or situation.   Phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months.

The affected person will go to great lengths to avoid the situation or object. Typically to a degree greater than the actual danger posed. If the feared object or situation cannot be avoided, the affected person will have significant distress. With blood or injury phobia, fainting may occur.

There are several types and  several causes of phobia.

Dj Khaled BIGGEST PHOBIA Dj Khaled Biggest Phobia


Khaled phobia type is called specific phobia. Dj Khaled biggest phobia is flying.  For nearly ten years, Dj Khaled have never flown or taken a plane because he is deeply scare that the plane might crash. In an interview, Dj Khaled mentioned that he only travels by road and by sea.

The causes can be linked to several past issues but science indicates that this might be caused by environment or learning.

Dj Khaled Biggest Phobia

As an artist, Dj Khaled is expected to fly as most of his counterpart artists. DJ Khaled biggest phobia has limited his ability to tour the world for concerts and shows thus leaving some his fans hanging. The We The best CEO added that when he used to fly, he was always feeling sweaty and nervous. Due to that he later decided no to board a plane again.


To participate in shows, concerts and major events, Dj Khaled travels nights and days in his personal tour bus for distances that could be made in few hours by plane. Dj Khaled have an equipped tour bus for such occasions.  This however limits his shows only to America and the surroundings.

In a recent interview with the breakfast club, Dj Khaled mentioned working on overcoming his Phobia. He pledged to overcome his phobia soon for his son and fiancée. The goal is to be able to travel with his son.

Dj Khaled travels with his son while on the road. But his son Asahd Khaled only flies in private jets with his longtime fiancée Nicole Tuck while he takes the road. The snapchat king loves his son and he wants to be with him all the time.

dj khaled wife and family

The Miami born artist added in the interview that his son would be the reason that he will overcome his phobia so they can travel together and play together.

What is Next for Dj Khaled?

Dj Khaled fans around the world including Dubai, Africa and Asia are thrilled of the news. Dj Khaled has been invited on several occasions fo concerts outside the US territory but his biggest phobia is keeping him away from making that bag of money.

It is unknown if Dj Khaled has other phobias. However the biggest Dj Khaled Phobia known to date is the flying issue.



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