DJ Khaled and wife Nicole Tuck file to trademark their son name ASAHD KHALED

Asahd Khaled born on October 23th, is the most souted kid on the planet.  At only 18 months old the son of the prolific Dj Khaled has already more than one millions followers on his personal instagram account.  It is obvious that Asahd will follow the footsteps of his father. Like the saying goes: Like father- like son.  Asahd Khaled may soon have his own line of clothing. Thus following here the footsteps of his parents – Dj Khaled and wife Nicole Tuck.

Asahd Khaled name to be trademark
Young Mogul: DJ Khaled and wife Nicole Tuck have filed to ‘trademark 18-month-old mini-mogul son Asahd’s name’

Dj Khaled and wife Nicole Tuck filed documents to trademark the name of their son ASAHD on a numerous items – from clothing(ie: jogging suits), to key chains, to cosmetics, perfumes, video games, mini cars and more according to TMZ.

The parents want also the right to endorse other baby products like strollers, pacifiers, childrens books and others. Asahd can be seen already on mini kid electric ferrari.  The young mogul Asahd already collaborated with brands like Jordan for the launch of Jordan kids line.

ASHAD KHALED cat walk at the Jordan kid clothing launch
ASHAD KHALED cat walk at the Jordan kid clothing launch.


Asahd Khaled is set to conquer more than just the music world.  The young mogul is the youngest executive producer to have ever produced an album and with the look of things, Asahd is not going to stop there.  He was the executive producer of his dad tenth studio album -Grateful. It is still unknwon if he will assist his father Dj Khaled on the 12th studio album title Father of Asahd.

Dj Khaled announced recently that Asahd is participating on all the listening sessions of the 12th studio album currently featuring A-list artists like Jay Z, Beyonce, & Future.  The first single Top off is charting top 5 on  Urban hits.

Father of Asahd Single first single Top off
DJ Khaled – 12th Album first single: “Top Off”

Wife Nicole Tuck and Dj Khaled Looking to have another baby.

The “Wild thoughts” hit maker also announced that it migh be time to give the young Asahd a brother or sister.  Dj Khaled whose real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled, 42 years old is considering expanding the family. He and Nicole are said to looking at another kid because they “love kids” said Khaled.

He also added: “I was talking to my queen the other day and it might be time for another one. Whatever God has planned for us. I love kids, listen, that’s God. If God wants us to have another one, I’m ready.”
Dj Khaled and Wife Nicole Tuck at the American Music Awards
Dj Khaled and Wife Nicole Tuck at the American Music Awards
Khaled added: “I’m always real good at being wise, but at the same time, I’m me. If I see you playing yourself, I’m-a let you know, don’t play yourself. Basically, don’t take my kindness for weakness. Take my kindness for greatness.
“Me being a father now, I’m definitely more wise and more cautious – a better presentation of laying it out. I look at my son and, you know, the new artists, the new generation and the young world – I’m inspired by them because those are the next superstars, doctors, presidents, CEOs, billionaires, community, everything.”
As Dj Khaled can attest to, fatherhood made him more wiser and more health conscious. Dj Khaled lost already 26 pounds with the help of weight watchers.
DJ Khaled 26 pounds weight lost using weight watchers
DJ Khaled 26 pounds weight lost using weight watchers