DJ KHALED #22 days Vegan Challenge Exercise

What does it take to be healthy?

In our previous article, we covered the healthy vegan eating habits of the mogul king. In same article we covered the guilty pleasures of Dj Khaled.

Now Dj Khaled went one step further, taking it to his snapchat to challenge himself for #22 days of only vegan foods. For those wondering why 22 days, there are several studies saying that a habit is formed after 21 days of doing the same things. We believe the King snapchat would like to turn vegan.

For this challenge he can count on the help of his personal chef (Chef Dee) and Marco Borges the initiator of the #22 days vegan challenge. During this 22 days Khaled will submitted not only to a strict vegan nutrition but also to intensive sport activities.

Vegan food is known to be very healthy and combine with sport activities can yield excellent result. We do not know which results DJ Khaled is trying to accomplish during this #22 days challenge but we suspect a slimmer Khaled after this challenge.

So far Dj Khaled intense sport activities comprise strength, endurance, speed, power and agility workouts. We took upon our selves here to review 3 of the equipments chose by Dj Khaled for this challenge.


The first equipment we are reviewing among the 3 sport equipments is the rope. So far Dj Khaled has been training with the rope. Ropes are used to develop arm strength(see video below) and burn arm fat.

It is important to choose the right rope as beginner. The 30 ft long with 1.5 thickness rope is recommended for beginner while the 40 ft long and 1.5 thickness is recommended for advance athletes. The rope gives you several workout options. You can use the rope in lawn for your workouts as Dj Khaled or at a park or in a gym.

You can find a nice and affordable rope around $45 -$300. Here is one we can recommend with great reviews: click here

22 days vegan Challenge
Vegan Challenge

Medicine Ball

The Second equipment we are review from DJ Khaled is the medicine ball. The medicine ball is a good equipment. It is used to develop strength. Unlike the rope, the medicine ball develops arm strength and abs. It helps burn the fat on arm and strength you abs.

The medicine ball is a weighted round ball and comes in various size and weight. The ball weight can range from 2 lbs to 150 lbs. With the ball you can do several types of workout exercises such as ball slams, ball side throw, ball stomach conditioning ( see video below) and many more.

We believe Khaled uses the ball to burn stomach and arm fat while strengthening those parts of the body. You can find affordable balls between $20 -$200 depending on the ball weight and quality.

It is important to choose a quality ball that won’t burst at the first slam. We have selected a quality ball for you here


Elliptical Machine

Last but not least the third equipment and the most used by the snapchat king is the elliptical machine. The elliptical machine develops endurance, cardio and strength. It develops leg muscles. The elliptical machine is a machine that simulates walking, climbing, and running. It is a great tool to burn calories.

Unlike the rope and the medicine which require a special environment such as a lawn or gym, the elliptical machine can use in the comfort of your home. There are several types of elliptical machines. It is important to choose the one that suit your needs, your budget and the available space you have in your house.

Among the available types elliptical machines, you have the rear drive, front drive and center drive.

Elliptical machines are not cheap, therefore here are few elements to look into while considering one: Stride length, smooth motion, stability and overall quality.

We believe Khaled has a good one. The specific brand is not yet available to us. In the meantime we can suggest you to check here for a quality elliptical machine.

Vegan 22 days Challenges on the elliptical machine

Those 3 equipments are good recommendations if you are planning to begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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