Did the Drake vocals come in yet?

Did the Drake vocals come in yet?

Dj Khaled is currently in the studio finishing his 10th studio album set to be released this year under the we the best music group. Like his 9th album titled major key, the 10th album is set to be a great album. So far the guests known appearances are Drake, jay z, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Rick Ross, and Nicky Minaj.


The first single of the grateful album titled “Shining” was released featuring the Carter family Jay z and Beyonce. The song is currently in the top five of the most radio played songs.

For the Grateful album , one of the most awaited rapper on the album is none other than Drake hence the phrase “ did the drake vocals coming yet?

Did the drake vocals come in yet? djkhaledquotes.com

Drake and Khaled have a great chemistry. This is noted on the multiple collaborations done to date.


On the 9th album Major keys, Drake and Dj khaled made a collaboration for one of the top country most listened single titled “for free”. For the 10th album titled Grateful, Drake is to set to appeared and probably have more than one song following the success of their collaboration on major key.


Dj khaled took on to his snapchat to announce that he was expecting Drake vocals. A big precision stressed by Khaled on the “s”. This goes to say that Khaled is currently awaiting multiple verses from Drake.


It is not a secret that Drake is one of the top rapper in the game. He released few weeks ago a new song featuring the Nigerian born rnb singer Wizkid . The song is titled “closer” . The song is already having a great success. If you loved his song “one dance” you certainly will enjoy “closer”.

What to expect from Drake on the Grateful album?

The Canadian born featurings are usually classics. He is known to be a mastermind and someone with great precision and timing. On the grateful album is still unclear if he set to have a solo song like “for free” or the collaboration will include multiple rappers. Perhaps Drake is set to have both.

One thing from Drake is that he knows how to keep the fans entertain. We might witness another classic from him.