About Nicole Tuck is the longterm fiancée of the Miami based artist Dj Khaled. Dj Khaled and Nicole have been together for more than 14 years. They have a son together- Asahd Khaled.  Nicole tuck have been pretty private till now. She is 3 year younger than Dj Khaled. She was born in 1978.

Here are 5 facts about Nicole Tuck you didn’t know.

1-    Nicole Tuck is of Palestinian origin

Nicole tuck is 37 years old. She is 3 years younger to Dj Khaled.  The educated Nicole Tuck grew in Miami and comes from Palestinian descent. Dj Khaled and Nicole have been together for 14 years. Dj Khaled met Nicole while she was graduating at Fordham university.

5 Facts about Nicole Tuck


2-    She has a Master Degree

Nicole Tuck unlike many graduated from University with distinction.  She holds a bachelor degree in fine arts from the Marymount Manhattan College and a master degree in Education from Fordham University. Nicole Tuck graduated her master degree at the age of 25 years.

3-    She  is an entrepreneur and had her business

Nicole Tuck started her own company in 2010, 5 years after earning her master degree.  She developed a passion for entrepreneurship and started her own clothing line company. She named her company Abu apparel. Abu stands for “Always be you”.  Nicole Tuck’s  aim was to provide self-empowerment apparel.  This passion comes form her  education background. Abu clothing line was to empower young boy and girls to never stop believing in themselves.

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4-    She loves cats

While Dj Khaled loves lions, Nicole Tuck loves cats.  She owns couple of female kitties.

Happy birthday honey ! @djkhaled Love from your two woman lol we love you! 😽💋

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5-    She is the only girl in her family

Nicole come form a family of three. She has 2 brothers. She is the unique daughter and the youngest one. Nicole had a normal childhood. Her father loves music and loves dancing.

#tbt me and my brothers lol god how we have grown! Lol

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Me and my niece! Lol yes papa was a rolling stone! Loll @bdbeasle

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Who is Nicole Tuck?

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