Dj Khaled is the new motivational speaker for the younger generation. Dj Khaled Quotes lessons are morning inspiration for the younger generation. Unlike the older generation, the communication is down to heart and with a language common to the generation Y. What can we learn then form the king of snapchat? What can we take away and apply in our daily lives from DJ KHALED QUOTES LESSONS?.

From major keys to cloth talk. Here we review the 3 key DJ Khaled quotes lessons and the messages and lessons behind each of them.

stay away from they

One of the famous quote is “stay away from they. Who are they? The King of snapchat during his interview with Ellen show defines They as those keeping you away from achieving your dreams. In other words the haters, He continues by saying They are also those pulling you down rather than pulling you up.-the jealous ones.

They are the guys talking behind back. –The hypocrites They are the ones putting obstacles in from of your journey hoping you fall and fail. They are the fake friends.

Dj Khaled reminds fans whenever he has the chance to stay away from they. He encourages the younger generation to associate  with people that can empower them, people who can pull them up rather than down.

For Dj Khaled this are not just words but his life journey to success. We can all see that he is the type of man who lives what he preaches. Dj Khaled is signed today with Roc nation, Epic records, MMG music.

These are all powerhouses managed and owned by business mogul. To date we can see the growth and all the major deals.- the Formation tour with Beyonce, DUSSE Cognac deal, Belaire LUX , Apple deal and many others.

DJ KHALED QUOTES LESSONS: to succeeded in life separate yourself and stay away from they.

give thanks to the most high”

Another famous quote is “give thanks to the most high”.We should all be thankful in life to one another but here the king of snapchat is referring especially to the most high.

Giving thanks to the most high means recognising that there is a higher power in this case GOD and give thanks, gratitude for the life and the blessings.

You should always be grateful of your life, your partners, your friends, nature and the food you eat. Being grateful is not expensive but instead it spreads positive energy around you which in turns grow and spread around to other people.

Dj Khaled is example of spreading gratitude and giving thanks to the most high. He embodies that message of gratitude. He connects with GOD and his fans every chance he gets to say just thank you.

DJ KHALED QUOTES LESSONS: have faith in the most high, say thank you and be grateful.

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“Never give up”

This famous quote is one of the most important: Never give up. This quote do not need explanation because it is self-explanatory. Never give up literally means never give up. Despite the fact that you might be tempted to give up time to time remember that no matter the pain, no matter the obstacles go till the end.

Dj Khaled reminds us here to be fighters, lions. He also goes ahead to remind us that there will be raining days but the sun will always come up after the rain. The King points the fact that they(see first quote description) want you to be quitter, they want you to stop and see you fail but because you are greater you never give up.

Again this quote can be seen in action in Dj Khaled journey to success. From the hardship, the passion , the obstacles to the top today. Some people believed he couldn’t lose weight. He took on a 22 days vegan challenge to prove to they that he will never give up

The major take away is they will not give it to you, you have to go and get it and never give up on the way to the top.